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Domestic and family violence reform and service provision in Western Australia is governed by the WA Strategic Plan for Family and Domestic Violence 2009 – 2013.

This Plan focuses on providing better-integrated service responses to families who find themselves victims of domestic and family violence. The Key Strategies included in the State Strategic Plan that aim to support the integrated response is to:

  • Strengthen community understanding and awareness that family and domestic violence is not acceptable;
  • Focus family and domestic violence prevention and early intervention initiatives on children, young people, health and respectful relationships;
  • Provide an accessible, integrated 24-hour response throughout the State that includes crisis and post-crisis intervention; and
  • Ensure that a range of evidence-based programs and interventions for perpetrators of family and domestic violence are provided.

Australia Wide

In March of 2009, the National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children released Time for Action: The National Council’s Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009 – 2021. This Plan focuses on strategies and actions for prevention, early intervention, improved service delivery and justice with a view that no woman should be a victim of sexual assault or domestic and family violence. And that no woman should fear for her safety at home,  at work or in her community.

To view the Time for Action report and other papers produced by the National Council please Click Here to visit the FaHCSIA website.

The Federal Labor Government has released the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010 – 2022, which was endorsed by Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments on the 15th of February 2011. This Plan provides the framework for action by the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments to reduce violence against women and their children.

Informed by the National Council’s Plan the vision of the National Plan is that:

“Australian women and their children live free from violence in safe communities.”

To measure the success of this vision, governments have set the following target for: “a significant and sustained reduction in violence against women and their children” during the next 12 years, from 2010 to 2022.

The National Plan is based on six national outcomes

  • Communities are safe and free from violence;
  • Relationships are respectful;
  • Indigenous communities are strengthened;
  • Services meet the needs of women and their children experiencing violence;
  • Justice responses are effective; and
  • Perpetrators stop their violence and are held to account.

Each of these outcomes has a list of strategies and key actions linked to them. For further information please Click Here to see the Federal Labor Government National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010 – 2022.

Legislation Violence Restraining Orders Act

Significant changes to Western Australia’s restraining order laws came into operation on
1 July 2017.
Legal Aid WA, in consultation with the community legal sector, and using funding provided
by the Department of Justice.
FVRO’s give greater support to victims of family violence, especially children, and
make people who use family violence more accountable.

The Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913

Domestic and family violence is a range of behaviors designed to control a person causing fear, these behaviors can be both criminal and non-criminal with the laws in each State and Territory differing in this respect. Although only some aspects of domestic and family violence are criminal offenses, any behavior that causes the victim to live in fear is insufferable.

The Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913 sets out behaviors that are defined as criminal offenses in Western Australia and can be responded to by the WA Police. If a person commits a criminal offense the Police are required to investigate and press charges against the offender.

Click Here to view a copy of the Criminal Code Act Compilation Act 1913.

For further information on criminal responses to domestic and family violence offenses please Click Here to visit the WA Police website.

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